Product Catalog

Gas Operated Trencher cuts 4" wide and 18" deep

Slushie Machine

Goldblatt Texture Sprayer/Corded

Laser Mark CST Berger LM 30 Laser Level.  Accuracy 1/4" @ 100ft. Working Range 800ft. dia.,

Red laser diode, Beam: Vertical and Horizontal, Rotation 150-600 RPM., Power 4 D Cell /60+ Hours

Operating Temp 22 - 120 Degrees.  Comes as a kit /tripod/case mounts, etc.

David White Builders Level Model 8887 used to measure elevations.

Superior tile cutter #2.  10" x 10" straight cut.  7" Diagonal Cuts. Overall size 15' x 15" Carbide scoring wheel

Small Trailer is only rented to transport rental equipment from our store to customers home.  No other conditions apply.

Fiberglass Loading Ramp

Snow removal roof rake/ext. to 21'

Manul Operated Hedge Trimmer

Milwaukke 1/2" Hole Shooter Drill. Reversable

Live Trap 32" x 10" x 12"

Used to remove/pull moen faucets stems from fixture.

50' Heavy Duty Extension Cord. Excellent for use with ouside construction or landscape equipment. 

Pallet Jack for use in small warehouse or storage settings.

SENCO Pneumatic finishing nailer 70 - 120 PSI. Max. Nail 2" 15 G.

4 wheeled dolly. 18" x 30". Carpeted/wood frame.  Used for moving light to medium weight items. 

4" Hole Saw attaches to standard corded or cordless drill.  Ideal for drilling hole for 4" dryer vent.

Electric Stapler/Corded - Accepts standard sizes of T50 Staples.

SENCO Sheeting Stapler/Pneumatic

7.25" Dewalt HD Circular Saw

Milwaukee 7" Grinder/Corded

Skill 3" Belt Sander with collection bag.  Sanding belts available at the store for purchase.

Moving Pads/Blankets to protect your items when transported

Use for copper tubing to 1"