Product Catalog

Electric Stapler/Corded - Accepts standard sizes of T50 Staples.

7.25" Dewalt HD Circular Saw

Milwaukee 7" Grinder/Corded

Skill 3" Belt Sander with collection bag.  Sanding belts available at the store for purchase.

Dewalt Random Orbital Sander/Bag - Corded

1/2 " Drive Dial Handle Torque Wrench

Come A Long with capicity up to 1 Ton.

Kwikset Door jig used to drill holes for door handles/knobs/lockests.

Accepts pipe 1/8" - 2".  Manually Operated

Felker TS40 Ceramic Tile Cutter 17" Max with 9/16 Max. separation capacity.  Weighs 18.2 Lbs.  Comes with plastic carrying case

72" Crowbar/Digger

Gereral purpose Mattock Pick

Standard sizes 4 pc. sockets/ T Handle

Orbital Sander/Dust Collection System - Corded

Lightweight hand held buffer.  Use for various applications; automotive, marine, etc.   Buffing pad is not included.  Available at the store for purchase. (Corded)

Heavy Duty Milwaukee Polisher (Corded).  Use for various applications in automotive, marine, etc.

Adds pin hole sized impressions in wallpaper to allow chemical removers or steam to penatrate behind wallpaper allowing easier removal. 

15" Adjustable Cresent Wrench 

Hand held tool for use with ceramic tile

Hand Held tacker 

Hand Held Dewalt Saber/Jig Saw. Variable Speed

Dewalt Router 1/2 HP Electric

Hand operated Pop Rivet Gun

Milwaukee Porta Band Saw/Case.  Corded.  Cutting capacity 4.75"

A large 72" Johnson Bar for superior leverage.