Product Catalog

Electric Demolition Hammer. Corded. 1800 BPM @ 10.0 Amps

Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

Kwikset Door jig used to drill holes for door handles/knobs/lockests.

Accepts pipe 1/8" - 2".  Manually Operated

Felker TS40 Ceramic Tile Cutter 17" Max with 9/16 Max. separation capacity.  Weighs 18.2 Lbs.  Comes with plastic carrying case

Specialized tool for installation and removal of tub drains.

8' L x 10" W Aluminum Loading Ramps.  Folds for easy transport 1000# Capacity

Bosch Rotary Hammer Carbide Bits.  Sizes from 1/2" to

1 1/2 ". All bits are spline drive and rent for $3/3hrs. min rental.

Bit Length 36" .  Width range = 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" 

72" Crowbar/Digger

Measuring Wheel designed for quick measurement of large areas.

30" Mud Mixer.  Fits 1/2 in. drill chuck.

4' Jitterbug Tamper

Standard sizes 4 pc. sockets/ T Handle

25' Drain Cleaner/Sewer Tape

20 Ton Capacity screw jack

50' Hand crank sewer auger;  1/2 in cable. 

Orbital Sander/Dust Collection System - Corded

Bosch electric 60# Paving Breaker.  Comes on wheeled cart with a variety of tools/bits.

Felker 8" Tile Wet Saw.  Comes with folding stand. Water Pump.

Felker 1 HP Tile Wet Saw. 10".  Comes with folding stand and water pump.

Lightweight hand held buffer.  Use for various applications; automotive, marine, etc.   Buffing pad is not included.  Available at the store for purchase. (Corded)

Heavy Duty Milwaukee Polisher (Corded).  Use for various applications in automotive, marine, etc.

Specially designed wrench for plumbing applications requiring the removal of the strainer/basket from sink. 

Basin wrench has folding and adjustable jaws to allow for straight access to faucets where a traditional wrench cannot be used.  T handle (see image)