Product Catalog

Electric 14" Concrete cut off saw. Extra charge for blade.

16" x 3" Magnesium Concrete Float

6" x 3.5" Concrete Edger - Curv. /Steel/Hand Held Tool

Hand held concrete grinder for small jobs

Designed to remove shinges.  Multiple shovels available

Designed to move Spinet style upright pianos

Manuially Operated Nail Remover

4 Wheel Dollie 30" x 18"

Hand concrete edger/steel 6 x 3.5"

Hand operated drywall pole sander.

Tool required to intall Pex tubing

Manual Post Driver

Manually operated designed to cut asphault or vinyl tiles.

1/2 " VSR Dewalt Electric corded hammer drill.

Manual Operated lever/fulcrum style brick splitter.  Ideal for patio block.

Basic Miter Box for angle cuts on mouldings/trim.

Nail Sweep with powerful magnet.  Ideal for cleaning up after roofing or other constructions jobs.

Manul Clam Style post hole digger 6"

6' Aluminum Builders Level

Fish Tape 50' for pulling wires or cable through walls or pipe.

Your choice between a 13" or 17" Floor Scrubber.   Each unit is available with 4 different textured pads.  Additional Charge for pads.

12' Fiberglass Step Ladder.  Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Werner ladder.  Ideal for inside use in foyers, vaulted ceilings, etc.

Heavy Duty Professional Grade 28' Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner.  Chemicals available at an additional charge.

Deck Scrubber hooks up to a pressure washer. Water is dispensed at high pressure through a revolving turet under the housing.  Excellent for surface cleaning of large decks/patios.